Holistic Body Work

Lomi Lomi Nui

Soft Paws of the Cat...

Traditional Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

Natural Elements & Subtle Essences

This loving massage style features

long flowing strokes to release the fascia, 

loosening & integrating the entire body.

Please Note:

* This massage requires ample oil.

* For best results the receiver should be nude; intimate areas remain covered.

120 mins | $220 | BOOK


Embodiment Sucks.

Individuals with chronic illness

experience unique difficulty with their bodies

& with obtaining compassionate care.

This massage is extremely gentle,

focusing on nerves, soft-tissue & fascia

rather than muscle.

Discounts available for High Need clients.

Please contact me directly

to discuss your unique requirements.

90 mins | $160 | BOOK


Asking for what you want.

A variant of the 'Bossy Massage', as taught by Betty Martin.

This massage is an exercise in communication; requiring the receiver to be an active participant, identifying & vocalising their desires.


It is also suitable for those with

specific therapeutic requirements.

60 mins | $120 | BOOK

Shamanic Soul Work

... may be incorporated

into your bodywork.

Cacao Ceremony

Sound Healing & Toning

Reiki, Chakra Healing & De-Armouring

Cord Cutting & Soul Retrieval

Ancestral Healing

Ecstatic Current Alignment

Dedicated Shamanic Sessions

are also available.