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Body Work


A Touch of Thorns...

Kink Inspired Massage

Embodied Senses & Ecstatic Spaces

A unique massage style

inspired by the understanding

that massage and kink are both

'techniques of the body',

with explicit overlay.

This journey is an exploration of pain and pleasure;

framed erotically, performed therapeutically.

90 mins | $450 | BOOK


Embodiment Sucks.

Individuals with chronic illness experience unique difficulty

with their bodies & with obtaining compassionate care.

This massage is extremely gentle,

focusing on nerves, soft tissue and fascia rather than muscle.

Discounts available for High Need clients.

Please contact me directly to discuss your unique requirements.

90 mins | $180 | BOOK


Asking for what you want.

This massage is an exercise in communication;

requiring the receiver to be an active participant,

identifying & vocalising their desires.

It is also suitable for those with specific therapeutic requirements.

60 mins | $120 | BOOK

Body Wisdom

Guided Self Massage

Learning the language of your body.

A guided touch & movement practise

informed by Yin Yoga & a passion for fascia.

60 mins | $150 | BOOK


Erotic Mapping

Journey into your desire...

An ambient experience

designed to arouse the senses.

An exploration of your erotic landscape,

the topology of touch.

90 mins | $450 | BOOK

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