A Touch of Eros



Heart | Sex Alignment

This sensual massage style is a fusion of

traditional techniques designed to stimulate & move energy through the body. 

A unique component of this massage is the inclusion of the genitalia as part of a holistic body system.

Holding deep presence as we explore

areas of pain, numbness & embodied trauma.

A journey of awakening & reclamation.

90 mins | $260 | BOOK

With Extended

Womb | Yoni | Lingham | Sacred Spot Massage

120 mins | $360 | BOOK



Consent, communication & the comfort of both parties are of the highest priority.


Orgasm/ejaculation is not the intention of this practise, but is welcome should it occur.



Four Hands...

Descend, Ascend, Transcend...

Experience the divine pleasure of four hands

caressing your body in perfect rhythm.

Two bodywork professionals in sympatico,

versed in massage, anatomy,

tantra, sacred sexuality & BDSM.

Relaxing & sensual, this massage is

A Truly Luscious Treat.


120 mins | $720 | BOOK


with lush locale & bathing ritual.

180 mins | $1400 | BOOK


Eros Bound

Rope Journeys

Floor Based Shamanic RopeWork

A slow & gentle exploration of

constraint, resistance & freedom.

60 mins | $150 | BOOK