Devotional Praxis

Devotional & Esoteric Learnings


On Spirituality

These offerings are informed by

my own experiences of the

Sublime & Otherworldly. 

The Path of Ra

An interrogation of masculinities.

The Path of Kali

A confrontation of femininities.

However I believe each unique Soul

has their own Path, their own Way.

An offer of guidance through the

Ephereal Spaces.


The Ritual Realms

Isis & Horus

The Nile Teachings

Rituals of Death & Rebirth

The Babylon Teachings

Enki & Inanna

Knowledge, Love & War

The Nirvana Teachings

Ganesh & Buddha

Joy & Peace

The Avalon Teachings

The Green Man & The Red Women

The King, The Mage, The Witch

The Olympus Teachings

The Hero's Journey

The Void Teachings

Being & Nothingness

This is a glimpse of the Ephereal Realms.

Please contact me if you feel resonance,

or if there are other aspects you wish to explore.

Priestess Training

With the resurgence of the Mystery Arts,

comes memory that feminine sexuality has potent creative & healing powers. 

That with patriarchal culture

deep wisdoms were lost.

This is an offering to those with a vocational interest in Sacred Sexuality.

Body Wisdom

Worship Divinity in Flesh

Pompoir, Kundalini & Salome

Temple Wisdom

Aphrodite, Kali, Isis, Inanna

Lillith, Magdalena & Eve


Bearing Witness to the Sublime Presence of Spirit in Flesh

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Melbourne, Australia

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