- Techniques of the Sublime -

Aspects of the Divine Feminine

Explorations of the Divine Masculine

A Philosophy of Integration


With the advent of modern feminism,

women have been consciously exploring what it means

to be embodied in particular form:

the constraints,

the use of power,

An Evolution.


The tenets of traditional masculinity are eroding,

we are seeking something deeper,

beneath the construct.

What is it, to be a man?

To be a human?

These polarities

are not real,

They are idealised, abstract shapes.

We occupy the beautiful, complex terrain between.

Offering new ways, explorer.

Journeys in polarity, shadow, archetype,

sex & soul.

Seeking & celebrating

the differences & similarities

of embodiment, power, & pleasure.

The Rise of the Goddess

The Fall of the Patriarch

The Birth of the Betwixt

Sex, Soul & Sovereignty

I Am
Awyn Raven

Artist | Healer | Shamanatrix

Seeker of Knowledge, Pleasure

& An Ethical Life

My journey with embodied pain has led to the development of

unique movement & meditation techniques,

& an intuitive grasp of the pain of others. 


These experiences have also offered me transcendence,

& a singular devotion to the pursuit of ethical pleasure.

I am passionate about sexual knowledge, artistry & healing;

the sensual joy of being in the world;

& the discovery of hidden wisdoms.

Whilst I am joyous in female form,

I identify as gender fluid,

exploring all the possibilities of my expression.

I welcome & celebrate diversity & exploration in my clientele.


Bearing Witness to the Sublime Presence of Spirit in Flesh

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Melbourne, Australia

©2020 Awyn Raven