Massage & Touch

for pleasure, pain, & deep experiences of self.


Lomi Lomi Nui

Soft Paws of the Cat...

Traditional Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

Natural Elements & Subtle Essences

This loving massage style focuses on long flowing strokes to release the fascia, 

loosening & integrating the entire body. 

$250/90 mins

Huna (Restorative)

Kahuna (Shamanic)

$300/90 mins


Tantric Massage

A Touch of Eros

Awakening Pleasure

Tender Places & Exploratory Senses

This sensual massage style is a fusion of traditional techniques designed to stimulate & move energy through the body. 

Sublime (four hands)

$750/120 mins

A unique component of Tantric massage is the inclusion of the genitalia as part of a holistic body system.

Womb, Yoni, Lingham & Sacred Spot Massages

can be powerful avenues to emotional release.

Cathartic (genital)

Integrative (non-genital)

$400/120 mins

$250/90 mins



A Touch of Thorns

Kink Inspired Massage

Embodied Senses & Ecstatic Spaces

A unique massage style inspired by the understanding that

massage & kink are both 'techniques of the body', with some explicit overlay.

$300/90 Mins

Essential (touch focus)

This journey is an exploration of pain & pleasure:

framed erotically, performed therapeutically.

Evocative (Tricks & Trinkets)

Decadent (four hands)

$450/120 Mins

$850/120 Mins


Bearing Witness to the Sublime Presence of Spirit in Flesh

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