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Seeker of Knowledge, Pleasure & An Ethical Life

Awyn Raven

My journey with life-long chronic illness

has led to the development of

unique movement & meditation techniques,

& an intuitive grasp of the pain of others. 


These experiences have also offered me transcendence,

& a singular devotion to the pursuit of ethical pleasure.

I am passionate about sexual knowledge, artistry & healing;

the sensual joy of being in the world;

& the discovery of hidden wisdoms.

My professional sexuality journey began at 18 with a brief foray into stripping.

After exploring other industries with deep passion,

I found myself drawn back to the world of professional sexuality.

In the last six years I have worked as an escort, Pro-Domme, Tantrika,

pornographer, artist, educator and coach. 

Whilst I am joyous in female form,

I identify as gender fluid,

exploring all the possibilities of my expression.

I welcome & celebrate diversity & exploration in my clientele.

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